Thought for the day

“Wit is educated insolence” – Aristotle


Cosy Cake

Okay so I simply HAD to share this photo with you from my latest visit to Cosy Club!

Naturally I had a Lemon Drizzle Cake cocktail… Which tickled my taste buds as usual; but to accompany it I had a slice of Victoria Sponge cake and it was absolutely divine.

Airy in texture, the sponge was light but was well complemented by the velvety smooth buttercream and zingy jam in the middle to give it some real depth.

If you’ve not already been then you need to go!


Cardiff Salsa

No…not the exotic dip…DANCING!

I have very recently discovered the joy of Salsa dancing and it’s been amazing.

I went along to the beginners class at La Tasca quite anxious, although my nerves left me after half a pitcher of sangria…Okay a whole pitcher!

Luckily, the teacher Sabina is great and gets you going at a relaxed yet energetic pace.

After my second lesson she suggested I was ready to move onto Intermediate…*Ahhhhh*

As a dancer for most of my young life I felt I’d be able to pick up the advanced moves pretty quickly, and I did get there in the end…but these guys have been doing salsa for quite a while and the difference in ability levels from beginners is really rather extraordinary.

The best part of this experience so far for me was going along to a Saturday night at about 1am during the freestyle Fiesta Night where after 3 lessons I was being swung around by men-a-plenty and actually knew what I was doing

I would highly recommend this as a great form of exercise and a brilliant way to meet new people.