Cardiff Salsa

No…not the exotic dip…DANCING!

I have very recently discovered the joy of Salsa dancing and it’s been amazing.

I went along to the beginners class at La Tasca quite anxious, although my nerves left me after half a pitcher of sangria…Okay a whole pitcher!

Luckily, the teacher Sabina is great and gets you going at a relaxed yet energetic pace.

After my second lesson she suggested I was ready to move onto Intermediate…*Ahhhhh*

As a dancer for most of my young life I felt I’d be able to pick up the advanced moves pretty quickly, and I did get there in the end…but these guys have been doing salsa for quite a while and the difference in ability levels from beginners is really rather extraordinary.

The best part of this experience so far for me was going along to a Saturday night at about 1am during the freestyle Fiesta Night where after 3 lessons I was being swung around by men-a-plenty and actually knew what I was doing

I would highly recommend this as a great form of exercise and a brilliant way to meet new people.



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