Tailor-made Dating

So I should probably give you all an update on the lovely Cardiffian who took me out a few weeks ago…

Needless to say…thing have progressed rather quickly!

We have been to the beach, been for a picnic, gone out and got absolutely smashed and rolled in at 6am… Yes, the last one was my idea! 

We have also spent a considerable amount of time in each other’s company. To the point where I almost…dare I say it…Miss him?… When we’re actually apart that is!

Another notable difference is my current status on Facebook, which now says “In a relationship”

I’ve never been massive on the declarations of feelings via social media, but feeling rather pleased with myself at my ‘catch’ I felt the need to share the news with the whole world…And by whole world I definitely mean the 100 or so people on my friends list!

So…What would I say were the things that worked out…Like right at the beginning…

Hmmm…Some wisdom I can pass on to all of you

Okay well here are my top tips for if you want to really nail the first few dates!

1. Be Creative- Keeping a date inexpensive does not mean that it needs to be boring.  Women get tired of going on an endless stream of dates that involve meeting for drinks.  Try to come up with a fun little activity to keep things exciting.

2. Come Prepared- You should always go into a first date with plenty of interesting stories to tell, or fun topics to talk about.  It’s not enough to just show up.  You have to be interesting as well if you wish to be remembered long after the first date ends.

3. Be Slightly Forward- Don’t be a perfect gentleman the entire time.  Flirt a little bit.  Touch your date on the hand or arm every now and then.  Take charge of making decisions. Women are mainly attracted to alpha males, so show you have the confidence to be one.  Just keep it innocent.  There should be no full-on touching or intense sexual flirting.  Everything should be light and innocent.

4. The Awkward Goodbye- An awkward goodbye has the potential to ruin everything that came before it.  Don’t force a first kiss if it doesn’t feel natural, and don’t linger endlessly around your date.  Be confident, say goodbye, and live to fight another day! Or just simply stick to your guns & go in for the kill… Women are usually pretty good at making their intentions known beforehand anyway!

Whatever you do though…Don’t do what I did and turn into the Cookie Monster!!


Every Part Of Me

Friends, family, partner, colleagues… They all see a different part of you… But that’s the only way we would have it…Naturally.

To show all of those people our true selves would be creating far too much vulnerability on our part and certainly a change of perception on theirs.

You colleagues don’t want or need to know what you did that time you got drunk in London… In the same way that your parents don’t want to know the things you whisper to your partner at night.

So how you do you decide what parts of you these people see? And what do you do if they discover something you wanted to keep to yourself?

Whether it’s letting a good friend see you cry your heart out or putting your neck on the line and putting an idea forward at work.

There’s always an element of risk, and reward, involved.

But ultimately, it comes down to us wanting to make them proud of us and not seem like a failure. Especially if you are deemed to be the leader in that situation.

So what parts of me do I like people to know about…?

It’s funny really, because all the things I want to keep hidden are usually the first things out of my mouth the minute someone breaks down my defence walls.

Insecurity… Vulnerability…

I would have said trust issues in the past but someone special in my life has never given me any reason to not trust them… And it’s certainly changed the way I’ve felt about trusting people for the first time in years.

I’m sure many of you will have experienced the same feelings…

New Beginnings

Heart racing…

Girly giggle…

*Deep breaths*

A normal message, from a good looking guy?

Surely it can’t be?

I opened up my inbox on my dating account last week to receive a lovely, charming message from a fellow Cardiffian.

Quite simply, we have similar interests and are both looking for similar things in a relationship.

We soon were chatting regularly online and then moved to mobiles, where before you know it we were like 2 teenagers staying up until 1 in the morning texting.

Then came the moment when I felt every emotion in one go…Excitement, anxiousness, fear, joy…He asked me out on a date.

New to the online dating game I was very wary…there are some real nutters out there.

I needn’t of worried. I turned up at the bar we were meeting at and there he was waiting for me, greeting me with a smile. He bought our drinks and we immediately started chatting, like we’d known each other for years.

He’s a gentleman at heart and we spent all evening laughing at each other’s jokes.

I did have a leave-early excuse ready to use if the date wasn’t going very well…As it happens, we stayed until closing at midnight by which point the owners were ready to see us leave.

He walked me to my taxi and we said goodnight.

I sent him a text later letting him know I’d got home safe and not even 2 minutes later did I receive one back asking me out on a second date…Result!

I will let you know what the plan is for date number 2.

…To be continued.

Plenty More Fish In The Sea

I’ve never really been that bothered with internet dating

I’ve got an account…which I originally set up on a whim

I get daily email updates telling me who’s interested, who likes the look of me, who wants to meet me…

For a moment, there was always a slight glimmer of hope that one of these people might actually be genuine

and every time, I was always disappointed with what would come through.

I’ll give you some examples of messages I’ve been sent by men, who genuinely consider these to be ‘opening lines’…

‘Hey sexy hunni, fancy meeting up?’

‘Alrite, Yur lyk well gawjus babe’


‘Hi, I never thought I’d find someone as good looking as me’ …I know, that one made me chuckle!

But seriously, do these people exist?!

Do guys think those messages are ever going to work?

I’d resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably have to meet someone the old fashioned way

…that was until a charming young man got in contact last week…Stay tuned folks!