New Beginnings

Heart racing…

Girly giggle…

*Deep breaths*

A normal message, from a good looking guy?

Surely it can’t be?

I opened up my inbox on my dating account last week to receive a lovely, charming message from a fellow Cardiffian.

Quite simply, we have similar interests and are both looking for similar things in a relationship.

We soon were chatting regularly online and then moved to mobiles, where before you know it we were like 2 teenagers staying up until 1 in the morning texting.

Then came the moment when I felt every emotion in one go…Excitement, anxiousness, fear, joy…He asked me out on a date.

New to the online dating game I was very wary…there are some real nutters out there.

I needn’t of worried. I turned up at the bar we were meeting at and there he was waiting for me, greeting me with a smile. He bought our drinks and we immediately started chatting, like we’d known each other for years.

He’s a gentleman at heart and we spent all evening laughing at each other’s jokes.

I did have a leave-early excuse ready to use if the date wasn’t going very well…As it happens, we stayed until closing at midnight by which point the owners were ready to see us leave.

He walked me to my taxi and we said goodnight.

I sent him a text later letting him know I’d got home safe and not even 2 minutes later did I receive one back asking me out on a second date…Result!

I will let you know what the plan is for date number 2.

…To be continued.


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