Plenty More Fish In The Sea

I’ve never really been that bothered with internet dating

I’ve got an account…which I originally set up on a whim

I get daily email updates telling me who’s interested, who likes the look of me, who wants to meet me…

For a moment, there was always a slight glimmer of hope that one of these people might actually be genuine

and every time, I was always disappointed with what would come through.

I’ll give you some examples of messages I’ve been sent by men, who genuinely consider these to be ‘opening lines’…

‘Hey sexy hunni, fancy meeting up?’

‘Alrite, Yur lyk well gawjus babe’


‘Hi, I never thought I’d find someone as good looking as me’ …I know, that one made me chuckle!

But seriously, do these people exist?!

Do guys think those messages are ever going to work?

I’d resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably have to meet someone the old fashioned way

…that was until a charming young man got in contact last week…Stay tuned folks!


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