Every Part Of Me

Friends, family, partner, colleagues… They all see a different part of you… But that’s the only way we would have it…Naturally.

To show all of those people our true selves would be creating far too much vulnerability on our part and certainly a change of perception on theirs.

You colleagues don’t want or need to know what you did that time you got drunk in London… In the same way that your parents don’t want to know the things you whisper to your partner at night.

So how you do you decide what parts of you these people see? And what do you do if they discover something you wanted to keep to yourself?

Whether it’s letting a good friend see you cry your heart out or putting your neck on the line and putting an idea forward at work.

There’s always an element of risk, and reward, involved.

But ultimately, it comes down to us wanting to make them proud of us and not seem like a failure. Especially if you are deemed to be the leader in that situation.

So what parts of me do I like people to know about…?

It’s funny really, because all the things I want to keep hidden are usually the first things out of my mouth the minute someone breaks down my defence walls.

Insecurity… Vulnerability…

I would have said trust issues in the past but someone special in my life has never given me any reason to not trust them… And it’s certainly changed the way I’ve felt about trusting people for the first time in years.

I’m sure many of you will have experienced the same feelings…


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