Getting Cosy Up In Here…

Wednesday evening and it was my turn to host ‘Wine Night’ for the Citysocializer gang…

For any of you who aren’t already familiar with ‘Citysocializer’…it’s kind of like a dating site, but just for meeting people and making friends…I’ll talk more about that in a future post though!

When it came to choosing my venue there was nowhere else I’d rather spend an evening than Cosy Club!

In their own words…Cosy Club is quirky, eccentric, playful and offers casual dining, drinking and lounging in a homely and family-friendly environment…”Think Gents Club meets Village Hall meets Cricket Pavilion”.

If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, you can see all the way up and down The Hayes, the architectural detail of the buildings you can’t usually see from the ground. This in itself is a huge positive – in the day time, it’s light and bright, at night there is a romance of light reflection on the glass…both from the vintage tassle lampshades inside and the gentle fairy and street lamps on the out… This is a first floor, lofty seclusion, which I just haven’t experienced elsewhere in Cardiff.

As it happens, most of us ended up having varieties of cocktails or craft beer instead of wine…But hey, Wednesday Wine Night just has ring to it!

We also had some gorgeous tapas and garlic bread smothered in cheese with oils and balsamic which went down a treat.

We all decided to have a little dessert too and these guys know how to rock a dessert! I had the Salted Caramel chocolate pot which came in a cute little teapot with fruit on the saucer. If you ever referred to this as a ‘chocolate mousse’ you should be kicked down the rather grand Cosy staircase! It is essentially a pot of molten chocolate which has been chilled and in the middle alternate pieces of gooey and crunchy salted caramel which tantalizes every taste bud going!

If you haven’t been, get yourself a good book and pull up a sofa and get cosy…!



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