Revolucion de Cuba- Cardiff

Out with the Citysocializers the other week and we found ourselves in Revolucion de Cuba…who were great hosts arranging a seating area for us and giving us the VIP treatment!

For anyone unfamiliar…this is the sort of place you need to go to wind a night up. It’s loud, crowded with drunken dancing people and you need to be one of them to properly appreciate it…All of these are good things, by the way!

Luckily, they do excellent cocktails, so there’s a very good chance that if you’re not already a bit happy they’ll get you there! I tried a rum-based cocktail first, which was great except it made me forget the name of it so I had no choice but to go back and try to order it again. This would have happened had I not been sidetracked by a Zombie, which is another type of incredibly delicious cocktail.

Before I had the chance to order another drink which would surely involve me losing even more of my short term memory, a charming gentleman came over with some complementary shots for all of us!

At this point I decided it might be time for a bit of dancing. Now I am rather uncoordinated after a few so seeing me dance especially in a slightly well-lit place would normally empty out most establishments. However, in this case, I felt welcomed and a couple of guys even offered to buy me drinks. No doubt they too were victims of The Zombie!

I left Revolucion de Cuba at about 2 AM after more dancing, some dramatic moments with the friends I came with… don’t ask – if there ever is a downside to drinking alcohol, I’ve seen it… but it was a great evening and I can definitely recommend it for the sort of experience I had. Be warned, though. This is NOT the sort of place you would bring someone for a romantic first date or a business meeting. This is a let-your-hair-down place, so make sure you don’t wear it up!



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