Lunch at Kemis

Myself and the man were fairly peckish so thought we’d give this a go for lunch the other day and I’m glad we did. Great food prepared to order and a nice varied menu with plenty of healthy options.

The cafe has a small seating ‘bar’ downstairs, and a really spacious seating area upstairs with great views over to the Millennium theatre.

I had a sweet potato and mango chutney with accompanying salad which was rather tomato-heavy. The fella had a salad with coronation chicken which included aubergine, sweet potato, onion, beetroot and lots more! Both dishes were spot on. For drinks we had elderflower sparkling water and a can of Sprite.

Lunch was a little on the pricey side, we both paid with a £10 note and only got small coins back, but you do get good quality ingredients and flavours.

If you are in Cardiff Bay and want somewhere good to eat and drink, give it a try!



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