Thought for the day

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present – Jim Rohn


Jamie’s Italian…Please sir can we have some more!

We visited this restaurant after deciding to make a girly evening of it! You certainly couldn’t miss Jamie’s as it towers over the riverside like a beacon, with a huge sign and floating balcony. Inside we were pleasantly surprised by the setting, tucked away inside, the seating reminded us of being abroad. Unfortunately it was a rather cold evening and so we opted to sit inside.

Our waitress was lovely, very enthusiastic and obviously knew the menu very well as she quoted the day’s specials to us. She took our drinks orders while we browsed the menu, Shauna had a coke while I ordered a non-alcoholic ginger mojito, and promptly brought them over to us. We were surprised at how reasonable the prices were and ordered our main courses and sides.

We were not kept waiting long and the food was delicious. We both opted for the Sausage Pappardelle; Slow-braised fennel sausage ragù with Torrione red wine, Parmesan & crunchy, herby breadcrumbs…It was amazing! You could tell that the pasta had been made fresh that day and all of the flavours complimented each other wonderfully. We also had some polenta chips, crispy fried with rosemary salt & Parmesan on the side.



After our main course we ordered a dessert each… My friend opted for a trio of ice cream; vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel all dusted with crushed nuts. I chose a warm fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn. Both of these were exquisite and left us feeling suitable full up.




As the restaurant got busier we were slightly over looked after requesting the bill but overall our experience at this restaurant was positive and the food was certainly good value for the money, we will definitely visit again.

Hang about… it’s Hang Fire Smokehouse!

Today I had the joy of going along to the penultimate pop-up BBQ at Porter’s Bar, hosted by Hang Fire Smokehouse owners Shauna & Sam. When we arrived, the smoking area come picnic park was empty, seats were ours for the picking…Just what we like!

Over the course of the next half an hour more and more people poured in, finding seats, cushions, ledges to perch on, waiting for that all important moment. Luckily for us, we had bonded with Shauna prior to everyone else turning up, she gave us the nod and we made a run for it just in time for ‘service’ to begin. Well…the line was out the door in a matter of seconds and it took nearly 2 hours before there was any let up for the poor girls. Fair play to them though, they keep customers moving pretty quickly but I guess you have to expect a wait for food this good.

I wanted to try a few things so I ordered the pork, beef brisket and lamb. The pork was so good and exactly what I expected… soft and succulent and full of flavour . I would definitely recommend this dish! The brisket was okay but a tad tough and seemed to lack that smokey flavour I was looking for. The lamb was exquisite, tender but with just enough chew you could really sink your teeth into large strips.



On the side I had Texas ‘Slaw which was out of this world. It wasn’t completely soaked in any sauce and the texture was a mix of soft and crunchy, it made the perfect accompaniment to the whole dish. I also had Mac ‘n’ Cheese, which unfortunately I was a little disappointed with… I had heard so much about this amazing side so I guess I had high expectations but It tasted like regular macaroni cheese to me. Now on to the sauces, the girls make these by hand and they are divine. My favourite sauce was the Kansas BBQ sauce, a classic, traditional barbecue sauce with a deep smokey flavour but just a hint of heat that kept you licking your lips. On the subject of dips, it would have been good to have a small empty pot on the tray to put sauce in. There’s always that worry that you’ll cover your food in it and then not like it…and dipping is so much more fun anyway.


For everything I had I only had to part with £15, which in my eye was exceedingly good value for how much food I had!

I would have loved it if Porter’s had got in on the act a little bit more, maybe having a Southern-inspired drinks menu…a thought for next time I suppose.

The BBQ was a success and we were glad to have had the chance to experience this landmark pop-up event before it leaves. If you haven’t yet been then Sunday 29th September is their last one. They start serving at Porter’s Bar 1.30pm and once it’s gone it’s gone so get yourselves down there early!



Molton Brown’s molten heat

I was recently given a bottle of Molton Brown’s black peppercorn body lotion and can I just say…Wow!

Spiced with Madagascan Black Pepper and a fresh hit of coriander, this skin tingling lotion will not disappoint. It re-energises and awakens the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth.

The overall fragrance once settled was almost musky, with subtle hints of Vanilla.

I just loved the fact that whilst I was circling it into my skin, I could feel the intense heating action & warmth radiating all over. Combined with the mini arm massage I gave myself I felt like I had been truly pampered in a matter of minutes.

This product gets a 10/10 from me!