Made In Chelsea Special: Jamie Laing

It’s that time of year again… the leaves have started falling, the temperature is dropping and once again St David’s Shopping Centre played host to the ever popular Student Lock In.

Thousands of students queued up for several hours in order to spend their newly acquired student loans on everything from new shoes to bespoke jewellery.

In between all the discounts and free alcohol, I got to catch up with E4’s resident heartbreaker…Jamie Laing!


The Made In Chelsea star visited St David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff, for the Welsh leg of his Candy Cruise…an interactive trip around the UK which has seen Jamie and his Candy Kittens team releasing clues and asking people to come and find them! Promoting his exclusive range of sweets this is a confectionary brand like no other, fashion forward and innovative…and of course super yummy!

Full of energy Jamie greeted me warmly and we began chatting in between him posing for photos and signing autographs.

When asked for the gossip on the latest series Jamie immediately let slip that Spencer comes out as gay…that’s a new one on me!

When pressed for a more serious answer Jamie graciously admitted to now being single and that means he can kiss as many lovely ladies as he wants…Me first!

Jamie’s brand of merchandise used to feature in Kingdom of Sweets which is no longer there. When asked whether he is planning on finding another stockist for his products he was incredibly enthusiastic, explaining how great Cardiff was and that if he can find the right brand and it works then definitely!

Realising I was stealing important one on one time with Jamie and his fans I said goodbye Chelsea-style… kiss kiss darling!

We love the brand and we love the man behind it!

You can catch the new season of Made In Chelsea on 14th October at 10pm on E4.



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