All That Glitters Is Gold!

I normally don’t look at MAC’s seasonal sets, but this one really caught my eye after in store makeup artist Ollie introduced me to the range and  I’ve wanted several of the colours for a long time.

I explained to Ollie that I was going on a first date that evening and wanted something special. My criteria was this: I wanted to look amazing and sparkly, but still keeping it fairly understated and wanted it to feel a bit festive.

Challenge accepted…Ollie sat me down and told me he’d make me look fabulous!

So he got out the new Nocturnals: Pigments and Glitter set in Black & Gold


They are five stackable jars of highly pigmented colour which apply evenly and blend well.

The shades are Naked, Museum Bronze and Copper Sparkle and then the glitter comes in black and gold.

Ollie started by applying a base, then topped it with ‘Naked’ and blended out into the creases and then he swept a few strokes of ‘Museum Bronze’ over my eyelid. He then dabbed the gold glitter on top and applied a few coats of super black mascara to my top and bottom lashes and voila!


I have to say that this set is very good value for money for the amount of product you get and is great for anyone who really loves their highly pigmented colours.

After giving me a quick dab of blusher to make my cheeks look all rosy and glowing I was ready to go…


Amazing as a Christmas gift or as a treat for yourself.

Needless to say, I looked amazing and ended up getting a second date…result!


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