Wagamamas Winter Menu

I was recently invited to the PR evening at Wagamamas to sample their brand new winter menu and instantly knew I’d be in for plenty of treats!

We arrived on the evening to a whole host of press and fellow bloggers all gathered along a lengthy table at one end of the restaurant.

The restaurant is laid out with a Japanese feng shui style of living; clean, wooden long tables give the sense of diners to eat as a family – everyone sits and eats together.

We started off with their new ultra-flavoursome juice which incorporates beetroot, orange and carrot juice all into one glass. Personally I would have preferred if it had either been made more sweet with extra carrot, or been made more savoury by adding chilli or red pepper. For me, the drink couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to be… I decided to stick with my red wine.


First on the menu…the two new ramen dishes!

The first was filled with noodles and a vegetable broth, heaped with generous amounts of stunningly cooked crispy duck and chilli. This was a personal favourite for me, with plenty of spices and flavours it gave off just the right amount of heat to keep you toasty warm in the cold winter months.


The second is a polite nod to all the vegetarians who visit which includes a whole host of seasonal mushrooms such as oyster, chestnut and shitake with silken tofu studded throughout which makes it a very hearty dish indeed.


You will always find different types of Ramen wherever you go, but for any kind of noodle including spaghetti, they should be smooth, ‘slurpable’ (in Japan you are suppose to slurp loudly so the chef knows that you are enjoying it) and will separate from each other.

Next up, the side dishes…both of these were absolutely fantastic!

We loved the texture of the new gyoza. The dumplings were steamed to perfection so that you only had to gentle bite them to be met with slow cooked pulled pork, served with spiced black vinegar and ginger sauce on the side…yum!. These simply melt in your mouth and I could easily eat a whole plate of these to myself.


The winning side however was the dish of steamed broccoli and pak choi, stir fried with heaps of soy sauce and garlic. The flavours complimented each other so well in this dish and the crunch of the broccoli made it perfect for swirling around in the sauce… They were cooked well and were delicious!


Now we were on to our last 2 main dishes…we were getting rather full by this point!

When they arrived we were wowed!

The first was a beautifully presented plate of grilled fillet of white mahi mahi fish surrounded by mini sweet potatoes and peppers and lightly coated in a spiced curry sauce. The flavours of the fish were amazing, and this fish is generally pretty gamey…but for me, the texture just made it taste overcooked.


The next was a popular favourite, the Kare-Lomen which has been returned to the menu after apparent uproar from loyal Waga-goers! This dish is a super yummy coconut and lemongrass soup, filled with ramen noodles, beansprouts, cucumber, coriander, lime and topped with either grilled chicken or prawns. This was definitely my favourite dish of the whole evening and it seemed many others around me agreed. Full of heat, the depth of flavours is almost overwhelming, this dish will not disappoint!


In between these dishes we were presented with some of their new exclusive beer. Now, I’m not a beer drinker so was rather dubious about trying this…but this is so unique, this beer is flavoured with green tea leaves and yuzu. A delicious combination, we almost could taste hints of vanilla on the end of our tongue… Makes a change from ordering a glass of coca cola I suppose!


We were at the end…finish line in sight…then out came dessert *sigh*… we clearly have a separate stomach just for dessert though so it’s fine!

Freshly prepared warm pancakes filled with a date and orange sauce clung to a generous scoop of cinnamon ice cream…this dish simply tastes of Christmas!!!!

All in all, I think this new winter menu is going to go down a storm! I highly recommend anyone enjoying a day out shopping to cosy up in Wagamamas and enjoy these dishes, available now!


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