Thought for the day

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour
– William Blake


Elf is for life not just for Christmas!

So the lovely people at Elf Cosmetics set me a challenge to create a Valentine’s Look fit for my singleton status.

I’d already been sent a dress to wear so I gave them a photo and they helped me create an amazing look which carried me through the whole evening.


I started by applying my regular Elf Primer all over although I did top my eyelids up with a bit of my Urban Decay lid primer.

I started by using the HD Mattifying Cream Foundation and then I topped with the Mineral Personal Blend Foundation powder… both of these are now staple items in my daily routine!

Once I had my base sorted I then moved onto my eyes, using 3 shades from the palette I had been sent I swept the gold over my lids and over my browbone, I then used the dark brown shade to identify my crease and add definition to the lid. I finished with the almost white glitter shade just under my eyebrows, in the corner of my eye  and swept ever so lightly in the middle of my eyelid to give a very subtle highlight.

With each of these products I used the lock and seal, this is my new miracle product! It doesn’t matter what texture your eyeshadows are or even if they are not that strong. Use this and the colour will pop and you almost feel it drying onto your skin, meaning it stays in place all night. (I actually accidentally rubbed my eye without thinking and it didn’t budge an inch!)

Next, onto the Mascara! Now the lovely ladies at Elf sent me the Volume Pumping Mascara and the definition you get with it is great, however my lashes are quite thin so I ended up topping this up with the ELF Eye Enhancing Mascara which did the trick beautifully. I didn’t want to layer too much on though as afterwards I carefully applied the eyelashes which have definitely landed in my top 5 False Eyelash sets for ease of application and level of comfort once applied.

As I moved onto the contouring set I was a little nervous as I’ve never really had a go at it but my, oh my… the definition of my cheekbones, the slimming effect on my face and the highlighting of my best features has definitely turned me into a convert!

For the lips, I was well prepared as I’m a bit of a lipstick addict… I carefully lined my lips with the deep crimson pencil and then topped with the lipstick in shade ‘RED CARPET’ and then blended the two together. Normally, I’m a bit advocate of the ‘Eyes OR Lips, but never both’, so I was a bit worried how this would turn out. I needn’t have worried… It was a vampy, sexy look without looking trashy or overdone.

To finish everything off, a hint of the Mist & Set pack that I had been set. Judging by the fact that everything, except my dress, was still intact by the time I got home I’d say that was a result.

Fun Fact: The dress started unravelling on the straps half way through the night…I wasn’t pleased!

I ran an ELF Giveaway over Valentine’s weekend and the lucky winner was chosen on Twitter who has received a goody bag of all the products I used for this look.



Stay tuned for more looks over the coming weeks


A Pukka Meal

I was lucky enough to go to Jamie’s Italian with a very handsome young gentleman last week and it was the best meal I’ve had in quite some time!

We had a 20 minute wait so we sat at the bar and I flashed my Jamie’s gold loyalty card at the barman. This entitled both of us to a free cocktail…result! We both has a Rossini which is a glass filled with red berry puree topped with Prosecco… Mmmmm!


Rossini Cocktails

We were feeling fairly hungry so opted to skip starters and go straight for mains. I opted for the Pumpkin Panzerotti which is pasta filled with roasted squash, ricotta & Parmesan, in a pumpkin, chilli & rosemary butter with smashed amaretti. The pasta was fresh and the flavours really hit your taste buds in all the right places!


My ‘date’ chose the British Lamb Lollipops.

Looking nowhere near a childish as the name suggests this gargantuan meal of lamb chops grilled under a brick with a pickled mint, tarragon & red onion salad, toasted nuts & a lemony yoghurt dressing is not for the faint hearted. The lamb was beautifully tender and mixed with the yoghurt dressing just improved the flavours even more.


We both chose to have a side of Jamie’s famous Polenta Chips with a garlic mayonnaise to dip. I was a bit surprised by these as I’ve had them before and they are more chip shaped, whereas this time they came out the size of bricks. They still tasted AMAZING though!


By this point we had both made our way through 2 of our favourite drinks each… the ginger mojito! Normally I’m a huge advocate of alcohol at dinner but these alcohol-free alternatives taste so fresh you can’t help but love them.


For dessert  we always have very conflicting views. For me a warm fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn. Whilst Jack indulged in something a bit sweeter, the Autumn Ripped Pavlova, Zesty cream, limoncello-soaked fruits & smashed hazelnut praline.


Needless to say we were both suitable full by this point and needed to go and have a well deserved lie down.

With a child-friendly atmosphere and a huge menu with several sharing options available too, I’d definitely recommend Jamie’s as a great place for any family to head this Mother’s Day.