No Fit State Circus- Bianco

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of going to watch No Fit State Circus perform Bianco in their giant tent in Cardiff city centre.

Now let me start off by saying that this is no regular circus… You won’t find any bearded ladies or a man placing his head in the mouth of a lion… None of that cheesy nonsense!

Internationally renowned for their dramatic live performances, No Fit State blend jaw-dropping skills with untamed elegance and subversive edge.


Walking in, we had no idea what to expect as we stood between 2 rather largely constructed scaffolding areas with the performers already climbing around us and screaming at each other which lent the idea of them being typical ‘Circus Freaks’.

Throughout the show we were continuously being moved around by Circus Ushers who made sure we were stood in the right place to see the next piece and give the performers space to move their ever-changing scenery and equipment around.

From the second the show started I was an emotional wreck! My heart was in my mouth every time the aerial performers spun around at height (with no harnesses on) and I felt peacefully blissful whilst watching some of the slower pieces which had very appropriate accompanying music.

On the subject of music, it wasn’t until we had been moved around the tent a couple of times that a new sight came into my view…a live band! I hadn’t realised that the deeply moving, heart-pounding music was being played and sung by people on the other side of the tent… Credit to these guys, the show wouldn’t have the same feel without them!

Long Dress1

It’s hard to pick out one or two favourite parts of the evening  as every single performer completely mesmerized me… although I think every female in the audience would agree that the highlight of the evening was watching performer Geoffrey Berhault take off all of his clothes as he walked the tightrope… It was rather difficult to control my facial expressions at this point!

It’s probably worth saying that even if you don’t like the idea of a circus you can certainly enjoy staring at all of the men’s perfectly sculpted bodies! One of our favourites was Fred Rendell who spins around in a giant wheel and looked like he belonged on an episode of Home & Away.


I do also think that we were all a little moved by the grand finale performance of aerialist Sage Cushman… She flew through the air with such poise and grace as snow fell down on all of us which made for a very magical ending!


Bianco is only being performed until Saturday 7th June so make sure you get down there and see this show before it finishes, I can promise you it will be one of the best evenings you will ever have with your clothes on.

If you really can’t make it before they finish, book yourself onto one of their Circus Workshops in their training centre and you could find yourself flying through the air on a trapeze or learning how to juggle.

Visit for tickets and details about classes and workshops

*All photos has been provided by No Fit State as photography is not allowed in the tent to ensure the safety of the performers


5 thoughts on “No Fit State Circus- Bianco

  1. Hello! Thanks for your review! I say the show last year, and looking forward to catching the 2014 version! Just for clarification though, Hugo Oliveira usually provides a juggling act; the tight wire artist engaged for this year’s tour is Geoffrey Berhault 🙂 xx

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