Baileys Chocolat Luxe

So I was recently sent this gorgeous beauty from the nice people at Baileys to celebrate their new Chocolat Luxe flavour.

Mixing real layers of Belgian chocolate with their luxurious Irish cream liqueur the flavour is unforgettable.

Baileys Photo

My flatmate and I sat down with the intention of merely sampling it one evening… yeah right!

Needless to say within the hour the whole bottle had been drunk! It was smooth, creamy, undeniably decadent and turned what can sometimes be a pretty bland flavour into a very grown up drink indeed.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe is now a staple item in my shopping basket and it should be in yours too

*Drink Responsibly*


Easter Traybake

So I came across a blog on Twitter over the weekend where Blogger Natasha had made a beautiful Easter Traybake which I simply had to try!

It tastes absolutely beautiful! It took me about 20 minutes to prepare in total and then about 4 hours in the fridge to set. I used Maltesers instead of Mini Eggs as Tesco had sold out… No surprise on Easter weekend!

For the full recipe and ingredients visit Natasha’s blog here…



The Wild Peanut

This week the lovely people at The Wild Peanut sent me some mini versions of their amazing products and I have to say I’m impressed!

The Wild Peanut are one of the newest peanut butter producers here in the UK.


I started with the Honey Peanut Butter… Sweetened with Natural Golden Honey this sat on my toast beautifully and had an almost citrusy aftertaste. I think this would taste really nice dipped in Greek Yoghurt…mmmmmm!


Now I’m allergic to Banana so my friend tried this one and she loved it!

Sweet and fruity; the ‘I’m Bananas’ peanut butter really hit the spot for her. It’s a blend of bananas and roasted, crushed peanuts, which makes for a thick and tasty dessert-like spread.

She said that it would be a great snack to have pre-gym, for an energy boost before her workout.

Their Chocolate flavour is absolutely divine. .. and everyone knows I’m a bit of a chocolate aficionado so am very fussy whenever I buy something containing chocolate.

A mix of honey, roasted salted peanuts, molasses and chocolate ensures a truly indulgent snack.


I have to say I was a little disappointed with the Chilli one… Never one to shy away from creative flavour combinations and being a massive Chilli fan I just found it far too salty. The kick you get from the heat was brilliant, but unfortunately I just couldn’t get over the saltiness.

To end on a bit of a high, I shall now sing the praises of the ‘Superfood Cinnamon’… It reminded me of when I make French toast but with added nuttiness. Sweet and woody, it’s the ultimate deluxe treat! I could quite easily have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Now I just need them to make a Salted Caramel version… Nom nom nom!

What I really love about The Wild Peanut is their ethical values and their partnership with TREE AID. Every time you buy a pot of their peanut butter they help villagers in Africa to plant trees across the drylands to transform their lives and landscapes for the long term.

 These products really are little pots of delicious, nutty goodness and well worth a try for any peanut butter fanatic or anyone interested in a good cause!


The Wild Peanut: 

Black Mountain Brownies

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to meet Darryl and Michelle at Cardiff Bay Farmer’s Market. This husband and wife team run O’Donnell Bakehouse based in Crickhowell, deep in the Black Mountains.

They make their luxury brownies using local produce and use the finest chocolate from Welsh chocolatiers ‘Black Mountain Gold’.

I tried a couple of their tasters and instantly fell in love!

Last weekend they were kind enough to drop off a box of tasters in all different flavours for me to have a munch and nibble on.


Naturally, the first one I tried was the Traditional recipe although this was anything other than a ‘basic’ brownie. Soft and fluffy sponge on the inside, slight crisp on the edge topped off with a dusting of icing sugar.

Now I was slightly dubious about this next one as my past experience with orange-flavoured baked goods has never been a pleasant one… I needn’t have worried though. The tang of the Gooey Orange cut through the sweetness of the brownie perfectly, teasing your tastebuds just enough without overwhelming them. I can’t help but feel the only thing that would make this brownie even better would be to use a really high percentage cocoa solids dark chocolate in the base of the brownie.

Next was the Caramel & Sea Salt *deep breaths*…

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to Salted Caramel anything! This brownie did not disappoint, with smooth, velvety caramel and a sprinkling of sea salt it was a party in my mouth and was gone within a few bites… I know, I’m bad… but it’s SALTED CARAMEL!!!!

I really did save the best until last though… the Irish Stout!

The moisture content in this brownie was a lot higher than the others so quite literally melted in my mouth. Filled with a rich and heady Guinness flavour, the burnt flavour that is derived from roasted unmalted barley and a light, smooth Irish cream frosting.

It was sweet enough to be pleasant for a beer unenthusiast such as myself, never letting the stout element become overpowering. This brownie really ticked every box and I can see why people go a bit bananas for them at the farmers’ markets.

So ladies & gentlemen… please put your hands together for the amazing O’Donnell Bakehouse!

The next time I see these guys I will definitely be grabbing one of their Peanut Butter flavour brownies.

The start of something new!

So I’ve now fully settled into my new flat in Cardiff, I’m sure once I start getting myself out and about I will adjust properly to my new surroundings.

It’s wonderful having so much new inspiration all around me.

Easter is now over and I can tidy away my ‘National Easter Champ’ role, safe in the knowledge that I helped stores all over the country to have a successful campaign.

I’m still moderating The Chocolate Diploma, with my students due to graduate in September…I’m so proud of them all!


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